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Awww… cute!

20160713_213843-mediumThis is not our dog.

During the middle of a violent lightning storm, this cute little guy snuck into our holiday villa in Croatia for shelter. He never moved an inch, and remained rooted to the spot cowering at every clap of thunder and flinching every time we stood up. (He gratefully accepted a slice of ham though). As soon as the storm abated he tootled off home.


FTJ Actual Responses: DFDS Mini Cruise to Amsterdam

Travel Journal Example Questions

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dfdsActual Answers by Ava (age 6) and Sam (age 10) for a Family Weekend Break: DFDS Mini-Cruise to Amsterdam




What countries are you visiting on this trip? Holland

Will you be staying in a B&B , house, tent or with friends? On the ship!

What can you see from you bedroom
? A lifeboat!

What do you think this area is most famous for? Amsterdam is famous for canals, museums and dancing houses. “7 bridges and load beams,” said Sam. (We’d just completed a very informative canal boat trip).

What foods do the locals seem to enjoy the most? People who live in Amsterdam like cheese and waffles. Continue reading

Unscheduled Prosecco stop?


Call of the Prosecco

Oh, how my wife pleaded for us to take the next right. Like the Call of the Sirens in Greek mythology the call of the Prosecco lures unwary travellers to certain doom.

So did we stop? No.

Bologna is just off the same route and we didn’t stop for a Bolognese either.

Although if we ever see the sign for Lagavulin, we’ll probably stop then…



Cornish Pasties vs. Bridies

When my Scottish grandparents spent a weekend in Cornwall they naturally had to sample the local specialty. But when the waitress turned up with the Cornish Pasties my grandfather said, “Ooh, they look like Bridies.”

“They are not!” snapped the angry waitress, “they were made fresh today!”

[Bridies are a Scottish Meat-filled pastry!] and they look a bit like Pasties.

A Canadian Guilt Trip

canada-227Travelling to Canada? Don’t forget to pack your hair shirt and handy travel whip. Because no matter how low-impact you intend your visit to be you’ll still be made to feel guilty. “Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints” isn’t enough for Canadians who would prefer their signs to read: “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints and flail yourself in penance for the damage wrought by the footpath you are standing on and the road that brought you here.” Continue reading