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Our Family Road Trip 2013: France to Croatia

A drive from Scotland  to Croatia (via France and Italy) then back again!

3500 Miles

Children’s Ages: 8 and 5

Why another long family road trip?

Our friends were staying in Barbezieres in south western France and the grandparents rented a place in Istria, north western Croatia, which, as it happens, is nearly 1000 miles exactly due east. So in order to take advantage of the free accommodation on offer we needed to plan a road trip right across France, through the Alps and across the top of Italy (skimming the corner of Slovenia) before heading for the stunning region around the hill top town of Groznjan.

Then of course, we had to come back…  Continue reading

The Ultimate Family Nature Trail, BC

canada-018 The Ultimate Family Nature Trail, British Columbia

British Columbia is a great place to track down all the kids’ favourite animals

By JW Patrick

Like most children, our three-year-old has the entire animal kingdom ranked in order of preference – with his premier league comprising mostly the scary ones with really big pointy teeth. Current title-holder is the Grizzly Bear, ever since he heard about one rudely interrupting his uncle’s fishing trip in British Columbia.  The arrival of Wuncle David’s baby provided the perfect opportunity to combine a family visit with an animal-spotting family holiday in western Canada. Continue reading

Unscheduled Prosecco stop?


Call of the Prosecco

Oh, how my wife pleaded for us to take the next right. Like the Call of the Sirens in Greek mythology the call of the Prosecco lures unwary travellers to certain doom.

So did we stop? No.

Bologna is just off the same route and we didn’t stop for a Bolognese either.

Although if we ever see the sign for Lagavulin, we’ll probably stop then…



Top 10 Tips for Long Car Journeys with Kids.

20140504_153759Are we nearly there yet?

In the last 5 years my family has undertaken three epic family road trips around Europe (from Scotland to Portugal, and from Scotland to Croatia twice).

1) Treat the car journey as the start of your holiday.

The key to a successful long car journey with kids is to think of it as the start of your holiday and make sure you all enjoy it. This is a chance to spend family time together, to talk, to share each other’s time, ideas, music etc. (Our book, the Family Travel Journal can help stressed and tired parents out here!) Essentially kids just love having your undivided attention.

Every time you complete a journey that is actually fun for the children, the easier it will be to sell them on the idea of travelling by car next time.

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Family Friendly Accommodation on the M6 & M5

kings-arms-burtonFamily-Friendly Accommodation on the M6 & M5

Ideal for travelling to and from Scotland.

Here are some ideal family friendly stopovers within a range of budgets for those heading from Scotland or to Scotland. All hotels have been personally stayed in and come recommended by JW Patrick, with 2 young children.

This hotel listing starts in the north and moves south. If you know of any more family friendly accommodation, within a short drive of the motorway – in particular independent hotels/inns that aren’t part of the big chains, then please do let us know and we’ll check them out. feedback at familytraveljournal dot co dot uk. Subject: M6 Family Hotels

btw, our family favourite is the Kings Arms. Continue reading