Essential items to pack for long car journeys

20161104_092848 20161104_092823Essential Items to pack for Long Car Journeys

After four long family road trips, each totaling between 2500 and 3300 miles, we put together this list of essential items that we now never leave home without…

Essential Items to pack and keep in the boot

First Aid Kit

Emergency Triangle & Hi Vis Vest

Spare bulbs

Jump leads

String or Wire

Cable Ties

Plastic bags both big & small

Paper Towels


Anti-bacterial disinfectant…


And the reasons why?

The first three are legal requirements in many European countries.

Jump leads. Because little girls leave car doors open!

String, wire or cable ties. Something always falls apart, whether its luggage, bikes or parts of your car.

Plastic bags. For wet clothes, broken stuff, mess and rubbish.

Paper towels. Puke, poo, pee , milk or juice.

Water. As above.

Anti-bacterial disinfectant. As above.






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