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Kids and War Memorials

20170630_150427 (Medium)Sometimes when you take the children somewhere full of meaning and poignancy, they don’t always appreciate the solemnity of the occasion…

All parents dread that familiar knot of tension in our stomachs whenever the children start playing up somewhere they shouldn’t: weddings, theatres, museums… war memorials.  Children giggle too loudly, or run too fast, or don’t listen to the guide, or jump in a bomb crater, or clamber on a statue. (Sorry Canada).

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My Family’s Favourite EVER B&Bs!


Agriturismo Al Marnich

Listed below are the 4 best family-friendly B&Bs and small hotels that we have ever stayed in! Our B&B Hall of Fame if you will.

Our family criteria includes a wonderful setting, a friendly welcome or  amazing food.  These family-friendly places simply made us go WOW so we couldn’t recommend them more highly.


(Price range from 120 euros per night for a family room).

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Our Family Road Trip 2013: France to Croatia

A drive from Scotland  to Croatia (via France and Italy) then back again!

3500 Miles

Children’s Ages: 8 and 5

Why another long family road trip?

Our friends were staying in Barbezieres in south western France and the grandparents rented a place in Istria, north western Croatia, which, as it happens, is nearly 1000 miles exactly due east. So in order to take advantage of the free accommodation on offer we needed to plan a road trip right across France, through the Alps and across the top of Italy (skimming the corner of Slovenia) before heading for the stunning region around the hill top town of Groznjan.

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What are Pousadas?

20120629_182254  What are Pousadas?

Pousadas de Portugal are hotels created out of monuments and other historic buildings. They were originally set up by the state to be rustic, genuinely Portuguese and to help preserve these wonderful buildings. Although they are luxurious and historic, their prices seem more than reasonable when compared to the prices paid in Britain for corporate chains such as the Holiday Inn, They are well worth considering… Continue reading

What are Paradors?


Salamanca Old Quarter

What are Paradors?

Paradors or Paradores are a chain of state-run Spanish luxury hotels created in the 1920s to promote tourism and preserve ancient buildings. They are usually castles, convents, forts and other historical buildings or more modern buildings in areas of special natural or historic beauty.

Although luxurious, many can be found at similar prices we Brits pay for identikit corporate hotel chains so they are well worth checking out as you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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FTJ Actual Responses: DFDS Mini Cruise to Amsterdam

Travel Journal Example Questions

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dfdsActual Answers by Ava (age 6) and Sam (age 10) for a Family Weekend Break: DFDS Mini-Cruise to Amsterdam




What countries are you visiting on this trip? Holland

Will you be staying in a B&B , house, tent or with friends? On the ship!

What can you see from you bedroom
? A lifeboat!

What do you think this area is most famous for? Amsterdam is famous for canals, museums and dancing houses. “7 bridges and load beams,” said Sam. (We’d just completed a very informative canal boat trip).

What foods do the locals seem to enjoy the most? People who live in Amsterdam like cheese and waffles. Continue reading