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What are Pousadas?

20120629_182254  What are Pousadas?

Pousadas de Portugal are hotels created out of monuments and other historic buildings. They were originally set up by the state to be rustic, genuinely Portuguese and to help preserve these wonderful buildings. Although they are luxurious and historic, their prices seem more than reasonable when compared to the prices paid in Britain for corporate chains such as the Holiday Inn, They are well worth considering… Continue reading

What are Paradors?


Salamanca Old Quarter

What are Paradors?

Paradors or Paradores are a chain of state-run Spanish luxury hotels created in the 1920s to promote tourism and preserve ancient buildings. They are usually castles, convents, forts and other historical buildings or more modern buildings in areas of special natural or historic beauty.

Although luxurious, many can be found at similar prices we Brits pay for identikit corporate hotel chains so they are well worth checking out as you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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And Granny comes too. How to handle a three generation holiday!

dsc02513In these difficult economic times, there is a growing trend for families to take their holidays all together: grandparents, parents and grandchildren.

It makes perfect sense. Share the costs with people you know and trust, bring your family closer together and create happy long lasting memories – especially for young children.   Ideal some would say, but be aware there can be pitfalls…
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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Airports with Kids

sam-airportYoung children and airports – not always a happy combination. Of course, there’s nothing in the world quite like being met off a flight by your kids but travelling with them, well, that can be… stressful.
Airports are just inherently exciting to kids of all ages, the plane landings, the take-offs, the general buzz and activity, the uniforms, all those nooks and crannies, the cool shops and the ride-on luggage trollies, screens to see, buttons to push.
Then, all we ask them to do in this purpose-built adventure land is to stand still, be quiet, don’t touch, queue and wait and queue and wait and get up off the floor and behave! At least on the plane, they are securely strapped down.
The pressure builds while all the other passengers watch. And judge. Kids just know that you must be on your best behaviour, even if they are not. They know you’ve been temporarily de-clawed and don’t they just love it? They have a captive audience of your hostile jurors.
Finally, boredom, frustration, stress, sugar and tiredness sets in and one of them pukes just as you start boarding…
However, there are some ways to smooth the ride from Check-In to Boarding…

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Top 10 Tips for Long Car Journeys with Kids.

20140504_153759Are we nearly there yet?

In the last 5 years my family has undertaken three epic family road trips around Europe (from Scotland to Portugal, and from Scotland to Croatia twice).

1) Treat the car journey as the start of your holiday.

The key to a successful long car journey with kids is to think of it as the start of your holiday and make sure you all enjoy it. This is a chance to spend family time together, to talk, to share each other’s time, ideas, music etc. (Our book, the Family Travel Journal can help stressed and tired parents out here!) Essentially kids just love having your undivided attention.

Every time you complete a journey that is actually fun for the children, the easier it will be to sell them on the idea of travelling by car next time.

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