FTJ Actual Responses: DFDS Mini Cruise to Amsterdam

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dfdsActual Answers by Ava (age 6) and Sam (age 10) for a Family Weekend Break: DFDS Mini-Cruise to Amsterdam




What countries are you visiting on this trip? Holland

Will you be staying in a B&B , house, tent or with friends? On the ship!

What can you see from you bedroom
? A lifeboat!

What do you think this area is most famous for? Amsterdam is famous for canals, museums and dancing houses. “7 bridges and load beams,” said Sam. (We’d just completed a very informative canal boat trip).

What foods do the locals seem to enjoy the most? People who live in Amsterdam like cheese and waffles.

What is most distinctive about the local area compared to your home town? The landscape is flat and has lots of water. It’s different to where we live as it is much flatter and the houses are more squint and squashed together and tall. bike-and-canal

Holiday Highlights:

What activities did you enjoy the most and why? 

  • I enjoyed the canal trip the most and the least fun was searching for a toilet.
  • In one day we visited the canals, flower market and the bridge with locks

Did you make any new friends? 

  • Elena – because she gave me a teddy from the claw grabit machine because her dad had already won lots of them. 

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