What parents and teachers say about the Family Travel Journal

“For a family to engage with each other on holiday is such an important time”

Rachael G. Primary School Teacher [Sussex]

“As an experienced teacher of more than twenty years, I am really impressed by what is presented here. Children are so fixated by screens and hand-held devices and sometimes forget that there are alternative types of entertainment.

For a family to engage with each other on holiday is such an important time and one that creates long-lasting memories. To value what they have seen; to think about where they are holidaying and to consider what has been experienced along the way, is enriching their thinking and aiding their reading and imagination for writing. It has been proven that children lose three months of knowledge in the six weeks of the summer vacation.

These activities provide fun ways to help children appreciate their holidays, by inspiring them to think and engage in their surroundings through play and competition. I highly recommend this book as a means to support parents in a long journey, or a delayed meal time, for example, and provide an easy to follow and innovative framework of tasks and games.”


“Really impressed by this journal.”

Judith B. Primary School Teacher [West Midlands]

“Really impressed by this journal. As a teacher I think it will really help parents to stimulate learning in a fun way, especially during the long summer holidays when children can often regress through lack of stimulation.”


“I really like the variety of activities”

Jackie. Primary School Teacher [Edinburgh]

“I think the whole concept is just such a brilliant idea, when Hils told me about it and I saw it, it was one of those ‘but of course we should travel with one of these’ moments! I really like the variety of activities and think that it’s hugely accessible in its format and style.”