Author’s Family Road Trips

Sella Pass, Italy

We, as a family, undertake regular epic road trips usually between 2000 and 3500 miles long. Why do we inflict that kind of misery on our young children?

Normally we say that it’s because road trips are a great way to show the kids new, varied and fascinating parts of the world that will expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge but really it’s because we’re cadging free accommodation from friends and family. If friends and family are taking villas even 1000 miles apart, we’ll be there!


Our kids do love the excitement of  exploring new B&Bs however and do tolerate the long distance drives – until their screen batteries run out anyway.   

So, I wrote the Family Travel Journal to try and make better use of this family time, all together, instead of wasting it on screens.

The estimated journey times below include various diversions and are not just point to point. Usually our diversions are for castles and monuments which our children will appreciate one day, I’m certain of it, oh yes.

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1) Family Road Trip 2012: Scotland-England-Spain-Portugal-France-Scotland.

Total Miles: approx 3000 miles / 43+ hours driving (not counting ferry travel time)

2) Road Trip 2013: Scotland-England-France-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Italy-France-Scotland.

Total Miles: approx 3500 miles / 53 hours+ driving (not counting ferry travel time)

3) Road Trip 2016: Scotland-England-France-Switzerland-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Italy-Austria-Germany-Holland.

Total approx 3200 miles / 50+ hours (not counting ferry travel time)